Rave Reviews for the New LGA

Mayor Bob Blais

“The merger of these two great organizations is a win-win for their members, our residents and everyone that loves our Great Lake. Together they will blend all their resources, talents and investments to ensure our lake will remain our most valuable, pristine and important economic resource. The Queen of American Lakes would truly say, ‘This is a dream come true!’”

- Bob Blais, Lake George Mayor

Ron Conover

“The merging of our two premier lake organizations into one unified Lake protection program is a powerful message to all that the challenge of protecting Lake George is a shared responsibility. It signals the need for both public and private interests to come together to do our part to ensure that these special waters are protected for all time.”

- Ron Conover, Bolton Town Supervisor

Dennis Dickinson

“The merger of the Lake George Association (the oldest lake association in the United States) and The FUND for Lake George is a great boost to Lake George’s environmental health and well-being! Two dynamic forces that have proven their worth to our Lake George region! A true gift to our grandchildren!”

- Dennis Dickinson, Lake George Town Supervisor

Thomas Guay

“To have two preeminent organizations join forces with one common goal is amazing. Lake George will no doubt be the benefactor of their collaboration. This could not come at a better time as we continue to see threats to this amazing Lake at every turn. Through science guided leadership and shared interests, the new LGA will be able to move the needle, ensuring that Lake George continues to provide pristine waters, an economic driver for this region, and natural beauty which can be admired and appreciated for generations to come.”

- Thomas Guay, General Manager, The Sagamore Resort

Senator Betty Little

“The Fund and the LGA boards, members, and supporters have long been extraordinary watchdogs, caretakers and advocates for our Queen of American Lakes. While they have worked well together, this new united organization, under the direction of Jeff, Peter, Eric and Walt, can be more effective, as well as more efficient. I congratulate everyone involved in this decision!”

- Betty Little, Retired NYS Senator

The Lake George Mirror

“The merger of the Lake George Association and The FUND for Lake George truly will create the ‘Preeminent Lake Protector,’ not only for the Adirondacks and upstate New York but for the entire US. What ‘the New LGA’ will accomplish will set the standard for nongovernmental, organized lake activism everywhere and by leading through example, show other lake groups a path toward solutions to their most pressing water quality problems … we urge LGA members to ratify the merger when they receive their ballots later this spring.”

- Lake George Mirror Editorial, March 2021

Kathy Flacke Muncil

“This merger reflects a truly positive combination of talent, passion, funding and a desire to push Lake George to the forefront of clean, clear water programs based on techniques guided by science. As a business owner, I have a real sense of comfort that this new organization has even more brainpower and data to help us thrive in business while protecting the reason for that business – Lake George. I thank the boards and senior managers of these two organizations for seeing that the sum of their abilities creates a triple threat to that which might hurt the Lake. We are safer for this combined brain power and passion.”

- Kathy Flacke Muncil, CEO, Fort William Henry Corp.

Robert and Francine Nemer

“We have been on Lake George for over 43 years. This is our full-time residence. We feel both lucky and blessed when we are in the Lake and off the Lake. We have been fans and contributors to The FUND for Lake George for a number of years and we are so happy to hear about the merger of the Lake George Association and The FUND. With all the present and future challenges the Lake faces, these two organizations working together will be a great powerhouse to keep the Lake protected and safe for future generations.”

- Robert and Francine Nemer

Matt Simpson

“The future for the Queen of American lakes is stronger than ever. For decades, Lake George has been protected by two of the foremost lake protection organizations in the country. The unification of the Lake George Association and the FUND guarantees that for decades ahead, our pristine waters will remain the standard bearer of what water protection programs will be throughout the country. Whether its invasives, waste and stormwater runoff, or road salt remediation efforts, there is no area that remains hidden from their efforts. Our community is simply better with these two groups and even more so now that they are unified.”

- Matt Simpson, NYS Assembly Member

Senator Dan Stec

“There’s strength in numbers and pulling in the same direction. Combining the LGA and The FUND unifies two wonderful and successful organizations into a shared and much stronger voice that comprises many talented, smart and caring people dedicated to Lake George and its future. Their love and commitment to this lake is so evident in this forward-thinking action, which I have no doubt will improve advocacy and lead to even better decisions for Lake George.”

- Dan Stec, NYS Senator

John Strough

“The conjoining of the Lake George Association and The FUND for Lake George is fantastic news. Lake George’s environmental vulnerabilities have come into focus recently and the need to address them can no longer be delayed. This is clearly a new organization where the sum is greater than its parts; the complementary synergism that results will be needed going forward. This couldn’t happen at a better time. I’m in, we’re in.”

- John Strough, Queensbury Town Supervisor