A New Day is Dawning for the Protection of Lake George

A New Day is Dawning for the Protection of Lake George

The Lake George AssociationThe FUND for Lake George

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In response to unprecedented water quality threats...

the Lake George Association and The FUND for Lake George are joining together to create a single, more powerful Lake protector.

Peter Menzies, Board Chair, Lake George Association

Pete Menzies
Board President
Lake George Association

Jeff Killeen, Board Chair, FUND for Lake George

Jeff Killeen
Board Chair
The FUND for Lake George

A new day is dawning on Lake George protection.

With unprecedented threats confronting the Lake’s legendary water quality, the Lake George Association (LGA) and The FUND for Lake George are pleased to announce we are responding decisively — by joining forces to create a single, preeminent protector for the Queen of American Lakes.

The members of the LGA have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a merger, as recommended unanimously by the boards of both organizations (see press release). Our approved merger plan will now go to the Office of the New York State Attorney General for final approval.

The new entity will retain the LGA name, upholding and carrying forward a proud tradition of accomplishment as the oldest (1885) lake protection organization in the country. The FUND for Lake George was part of the LGA until 1980 and since then has built a 40-year legacy of achievement.

Lake George Has Never Needed Us More, And We Will Do More To Protect It Together.

The pressures on the Lake’s water quality are mounting: harmful algal blooms; nutrient loading from wastewater and stormwater runoff; invasive species, both aquatic and the new terrestrial threat, hemlock wooly adelgid; and road salt contamination — all compounded by the effects of a changing climate.

Science-guided action will be our foremost imperative. The new LGA will marshal our respective strengths and resources to achieve breakthrough performance in water quality protection programs, public awareness and education campaigns, and advocacy for effective public policies protecting Lake George water quality.

Together, we provide an unmatched constellation of assets, resources and experts — the LGA, The FUND, the Lake George Waterkeeper, the Jefferson Project collaboration with IBM Research and RPI, and our many community partners, including property owners, local government officials and the Lake George business community — all with a shared vision of enduring protection.

For those whose philanthropic gifts have propelled our protection in the past, our single, results-driven Lake George Association, with combined resources and strategic focus, will substantially strengthen the impact of your investments going forward.

The new organization will be led by a board of directors selected from the current board members of the LGA and The FUND. Jeff Killeen, currently Chairman of The FUND, will Chair the new organization. Peter Menzies, current President of the LGA board, will serve as Vice Chair. Eric Siy, currently Executive Director of The FUND, will become President of the LGA. Walt Lender, currently Executive Director of the Lake George Association, will serve as Senior Vice President.

Lake George’s unique beauty and spectacular water quality deserve nothing less than the exceptional stewardship that the “new LGA” will provide — one beautiful and beloved Lake, one unified voice, and one powerful force for action to protect it.

We look forward to working with you for the future of our Lake.

Peter Menzies

Pete Menzies
Board President
Lake George Association
(802) 823-2606

Jeff Killeen

Jeff Killeen
The FUND for Lake George
(518) 952-0108

Read the press release on this merger

Our Lake has never needed us more, and we will do more to protect it together.

United forAction

Working collaboratively with our community on results-driven programs to protect the Lake’s water quality

Boat washing Breaking ground

Guided byScience

Leveraging the cutting-edge research and resources of the Jefferson Project, the Waterkeeper Network and our constellation of science partners

Supported byEducation

Building knowledge of freshwater lake science and effective water quality solutions

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One beautiful and beloved lake, one powerful force for protection.

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